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When renting an apartment with a letting agent, it is important to factor in the cost and time of buying and building furniture.

A lot of companies might not realise the extent of this when sourcing accommodation for their construction projects.

A ‘quick trip’ to IKEA to buy some furniture for an apartment can soon turn in to a nightmare for those employees left having to build the furniture.

The amount of time it can take to furnish an apartment can be extensive, that’s without considering the fact they will need tools to do this, having to carry furniture up and down stairs to the apartment, what to do with the furniture once the tenancy comes to an end and one of the main points – the amount this is going to cost.

For an average sized 2 bedroom apartment we have estimated this to cost around £5,000. This is just for 1 apartment. If you need to rent 2, 5, 10 or more apartments this will be a considerable amount.

There are huge benefits when using the WAFH service; all of our apartments are already fully furnished and equipped!

  • Huge Time Saving – No trips to IKEA or building furniture.
  • No upfront costs – otherwise estimated to be £5k to furnish a 2 bed apartment.
  • No headache of what to do with the furniture at the end of the tenancy.