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Don’t want to deal with multiple invoices and constant queries from staff about accommodation?

1 Invoice for all accommodation and Managed Services

  • Is your team already on site with a full quota of staff?
  • It’s not too late, regardless if you already have all of your accommodation you can still utilise WAFH’s 1 Invoice Service and our Managed Services.


  • It may be that you have already sourced your accommodation for a particular project. Some clients can have 150+ people on site.
  • Accommodation for these people is most likely with multiple accommodation owners.
  • This can be c.100 payments per month resulting in hours of work and ultimately cost.
  • Staff in multiple properties can result in managers and directors receiving numerous queries. WAFH removes this and takes control of liaison between the accommodation operators and individual tenants.


  • Save hours of work for your company. WAFH will send you 1 invoice per month and we will organise all payments on your company’s behalf.
  • WAFH’s managed service will deal with daily queries across multiple properties.

Combined these two services can save your company a huge amount of working hours and cost and allow you to focus on the project.