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WAFH links businesses to furnished apartments and houses worldwide. 

As a result of our experience in operating a successful serviced accommodation business, we have gained a complete knowledge into the requirements necessary for clients working away from home.

Our unique service offers accommodation solutions even in the remotest regions.

The WAFH solution saves companies time, money and reduces risk when booking accommodation.

WHAT WE DO is committed to saving companies time, money and reducing their risk when booking accommodation.

We have a dedicated approach to linking businesses to fully furnished apartments and houses worldwide. We travel to location and build databases of properties specifically for construction projects.

WAFH offer a bespoke and proactive solution that deals with the entire 360 of sourcing and securing properties. Our experienced back-office team manages all payments and any ongoing property related issues for clients.

Our client’s health and mental well-being is paramount. Based on our personal experience we understand the importance of the role of quality accommodation in minimizing stress and promoting productivity. Hence all accommodation sourced is first rate.

Project locations may be in an established enterprising metropolis or, situated in a remote destination. Typically, supply is low and demand high which is a major problem for companies in a highly competitive market. Sporadic efforts will be insufficient to be ahead of the game. In thriving markets properties become available and unavailable within 24 to 48 hours.

Companies need a dedicated effort to firstly source and secure these properties. Subsequently, a committed team is imperative to deal with the management of the property and the payments.

Our company offers a comprehensive service where all costs are packaged into one monthly payment. Payment is not required until the properties are secured. WAFH ensures the best rates are secured for our clients in line with market tariffs. is working in partnership with many leading global construction companies.


Why we believe serviced accommodation is better than a hotel room

Spacious & Fully Equipped

Home from Home living! Kitchen facilities mean staff can save money by cooking and storing their own food.

Highly Cost Effective for Employers

versus booking multiple hotel rooms.

Free high-speed Wi-Fi

versus paying at hotels for a similar level of service.

Personalised Service

You deal direct with the WAFH team (a real person!) in contrast to online booking platforms. This means enquires can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.


Hotels have daily cleans which when staying away long-term can become inconvenient. Apartments are your own space and disruption is minimised.

Time Saving

We remove all the headaches of searching for and booking accommodation.


Easier for companies to manage if all staff are in one location versus multiple hotel rooms/hotels.



Paul Glover

Previously ran successful businesses in recruitment and serviced accommodation. Leading to the initiation of Working Away From Home.

I have a good balance of challenging business ventures and quality time with my family. I love teaching my daughters to ski and I have even dusted off my old football boots and started playing again (there is life in the legs yet!).


Grant Ansbro

Having spent a good proportion of my working career in construction recruitment, my long standing relationships in the industry moved seamlessly into WAFH.COM.

My role at WAFH.COM is to oversee all of our business development which I see as my strong suit and passion as a peoples person.

Outside of work my passion is spending quality time with my family as well as football coaching, watching and sometimes still playing!


Anna Mills

Anna brings 10 years’ experience and broad business knowledge in travel and accommodation to WorkingAwayFromHome.

As COO, Anna oversees vital functions throughout the whole organisation.