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Long-term Booking Requirements

We have thousands of contacts requiring long-term accommodation, this is not restricted to the UK as our database is global.

Constant source of Bookings

A steady flow of long term bookings provides stability and a base for a scalable business.

Reduced Costs

Longer-term bookings mean less cleaning and linen costs.

Less Stress

Longer-term stays are significantly less stressful than shorter stays requiring multiple change overs.

Proactive Service

Proactively sending clients to operators. In contrast you are one of many options on a booking platform and dependent on the guests choosing your accommodation. Booking platforms are reactive.

Filling Empty Accommodation

Most clients we send will be imminent bookings instantly filling otherwise empty accommodation.

Excellent for Cash Flow

The majority of clients we send will pay via BACS. Money instantly goes into your bank account. Excellent for cashflow. The contrasts to booking platforms where payments are delayed and paid in instalments.


We are previous serviced accommodation operators via utilising this knowledge we can ensure everything is in place for both the client and operator prior to booking confirmation. Contrasts to enquiry based booking platforms.

Guests 365

Unlike in many locations the guests that we send are not seasonal. This is an all year-round service.