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One of the many benefits of using our service is that we speak directly to the accommodation owners. This has numerous benefits including verifying the legitimacy of the accommodation; establishing availability where it may not otherwise appear on online platforms i.e. accommodation operators will often move existing short bookings to accommodate our clients longer term bookings; and also negotiating you the best rates.

In a recent booking we secured for a client in Poland, the advertised monthly rate for a two bedroom apartment on a large booking site was €780 but we negotiated the accommodation operator down to €700. An €80 saving may not sound a lot but the booking was for 5 x 2 bed apartments for 6 months giving a total saving across the booking of €2,400.

In addition to this, we presented the client with several options for them to choose from based on their location requirements budget etc. meaning their staff did not have to spend any time sourcing accommodation.

Moreover, the clients budget was €750 per apartment per month meaning that not only was the selected accommodation €50 per apartment per month below budget but, had they tried to search for their accommodation themselves, this option would not even have appeared in their search results as it was advertised at above the clients budget.