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During the pandemic many industries have been able to utilise working from home options. However, construction workers need to be on site and progressing projects, meaning they have continued to travel to Europe. Whilst travel restrictions have caused a decline in the amounts of people travelling as the pandemic rescinds and travel restrictions ease, the influx of construction workers to Europe will increase. We have seen, and expect to see, a continued shift in the way people want to work and live abroad. Indeed, more than ever, cost itself for travel and accommodation will be a major factor in companies decisions. Currently PCR tests and quarantine periods are an unforeseen financial burden for companies, meaning that it’s cutting into the profits. Companies will look to seek more economical accommodation solutions.

In the past 2 years WAFH has embarked on creating a disruptive accommodation solution for construction workers in Europe. We were very surprised by the high levels of time, investment, legal commitment and upfront financial layout companies were taking on. To put into perspective, companies were investing huge amounts of time into dealing with lettings agents and signing into multiple lease agreements with different operators. These lease agreements had minimum terms to serve and lengthy cancellation periods. Furthermore, companies were venturing out to Ikea to spend thousands of Euros on furniture. Then getting staff members to build flat pack furniture for multiple apartments.

WAFH sought to create a turnkey solution that meant far less time was needed with less legal commitment. Construction can change in a moment and construction companies were getting caught in utility bills, long leases, and a mountain of furniture with nowhere to put it.

The WAFH Solution has offered rolling monthly contracts with all costs wrapped into one monthly payment and apartments are fully furnished. We also have different multiple payment methods making payments a lot easier for customers.

Utilising the WAFH Solution means the time burden of sourcing and securing the apartments is significantly reduced thus making the overall effort less taxing for companies to accommodate their staff. A WAFH Solution provides good quality serviced apartments where staff can relax and cook their own food.

In short, the WAFH Solution is designed to save companies, TIME, MONEY and reduce their RISK when booking accommodation.