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Have you considered accommodation in your budget when you submit a tender?

A problem we have faced on multiple occasions is clients not knowing the local rates when they submit their tender.

There is always a bottom line figure for accommodation which needs to be considered and the standard of accommodation you can expect for your budget. works in partnership with our clients. We advise on local rates and what type/standard of accommodation clients can expect for £X per person per night/month. This enables the client to budget and plan ahead.

One of our main aims is to save our clients money. Please see an example below.

Location: Poland

Duration: 5 months (c.150 nights).

Number of people: 6

Budget: £35/30€ per person per night.

Accommodation Secured: High quality 6 bedroom apartment (see below).

Rate Secured: 21€ per person per night.

Saving against client budget

Saving 9€ per person per night / 6 people x 9€ per night x 150 nights = Saving of 8,100€.

Our direct access to apartment operators means we can negotiate the best rates. This is something that is not possible on large accommodation booking platforms.

If you are tendering for a new project, we are here to help.

Please feel free to contact us so we can help you best understand the local market for properties and the prices.

+44 330 133 1444